Fender 18.6ft Angle Cable Hemp Brown Stripe

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Performing is stressful enough. So you need to make sure the gear you're using is reliable. The Fender Pure Hemp 18.6ft Angled Instrument Cable is exactly that. With spiral shielding made from oxygen-free copper, it's designed to deliver crystal-clear sound. Every. Single. Time.

The Fender name has been around in music for decades - it's one you can trust. This cable features gold-plated connectors, further enhancing audio quality. And it's durable. A tough hemp jacket makes sure this cable is long lasting, so you won't need to go replacing it all the time. Be confident in your live equipment - and concentrate on the music.

Key Features

  • These cables feature superior sound and custom-molded ends, along with exclusive, limited-edition style
  • The spiral shield is constructed from oxygen-free copper for crystal-clear audio.
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