Animals Pedals Car Crush Chorus/Vibe

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The Car Crush from Animals Pedal offers up some very authentic Uni-vibe tones and very cool retro chorus warble. With a very simple layout, it's easy to go from subtle to sea sick with a couple turns on the knobs. The Color knob is unique - turn it to the left and the throb is focused in the bass frequencies while turning it to the right puts the throb more in the treble area. A very cool pedal

  • Depth, Rate, and Color controls
  • Chorus-Vibe toggle switch
  • True bypass
  • 9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip adaptor
  • Current draw 5.5mA
  • Input impedance 500K ohms
  • Output impedance 10K ohms
  • Designed in Japan by One Control
  • Artwork by Jonas Claesson
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