Sennheiser HD200PRO Monitoring Headphones

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The HD 200 PRO monitoring headphones deliver powerful studio sound wherever you are. Record your own tunes, practice silently, or simply enjoy your favorite music at home – the HD 200 PRO is your ideal companion for monitoring tasks. The HD 200 PRO’s ambient noise attenuation enables you to fully concentrate on your job. Soft ear pads ensure outstanding comfort during long creative sessions (e.g. electronic piano, laptop, mixing consoles).

- Closed, around-ear headphone design to reduce ambient noise
- Sennheiser’s proprietary transducers deliver an outstanding stereo sound reproduction with powerful punchy bass
- The soft ear cushions and the ergonomic design provide enhanced fit and comfort
- A robust and 2.0m singled-sided cable
- 6.3 mm (1/4”) stereo jack adaptor included

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