Mooer MOOER - Baby Tuner

Article number: MEP-BT
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The Mooer Baby Tuner is a compact mini tuner that will fit right onto your pedalboard where you won't likely ever take it off again!

No more big, bulky, and slow tuners like the Boss TU-2(why is that even used now?!). This one works quickly, has a clear bright and simple red and blue LED display. With a quick flip of a switch turns right off to True Bypass. It's solidly built so you can gig for years with it, but light and thin enough where you will barely notice it.

For those of us with a large pedalboard, every bit of weight is something extra we have to lug around. The Mooer Baby Tuner weights in at just a little over 5 oz. This is the third of weight of most regular pedals.

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