Mooer MOOER - EchoVerb

Article number: MEP-EV
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The Mooer EchoVerb combines indispensable digital delay with graceful reverb into one inexpensive, jam packed feature rich pedal. If you really want to shrink your pedal board the EchoVerb will take double duty. Already small, it allows easy adjustment of gorgeous delays and reverb with a flick of a switch. Mooer has even added a tap tempo button for quick adjustment of delay tempo. Super easy to use and intuitive.

  • Control Digital and Reverb
  • Tap Tempo
  • Level, Time, Feedback controls for Delay
  • Mix, Tone, Decay controls for Reverb
  • True Bypass¬†
  • Micro Pedal Size Saves Room on Pedal Board
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