Mooer MOOER - ModVerb

Article number: MEP-MV
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The Modverb Reverb pedal brings 3 of Mooer's most popular modulation effects together with a brand new reverb algorithm. It's easy to dial in high quality digital reverb with an ambient tone, through combinations of the Flanger, Phaser and Vibrato. Intuitive and versatile controls make this pedal easy to use. Modulation speeds can be swiftly adjusted using the tap tempo button, and you can freeze time when holding down the footswitch to enable eternal feedback. 

  • Switch between Flanger, Vibrato & Phaser
  • Control volume of delay, and mix wet/dry reverb
  • Modulation depth adjustments
  • Reverb decay adjustments
  • Tap Tempo: Tap LED 2 or more times to match modulation to any tempo
  • Freeze: Hold footswitch for freeze effect.
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