Mooer Skyverb Reverb

Article number: MEP-SKV
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The  Mooer Skyverb is spacious 32 bit digital reverb pedal that gives large cavernous sounds in a tiny pedalboard footprint. It has 3 reverb modes: Studio/ Church/ Plate Studio. Studio is a warm all purpose natural indoor reverb. Church reverb is big open natural reflex reverberation. Like it's name it sounds like you are playing in a big cavernous church. Great for spacey sounds. The Plate mode gives studio quality plate reverb of old. The decay knob gives you a large amount of reflection and the tone knob allows you to dial EQ the reverb. 


  • Level, Decay, Tone Controls
  • 3 modes: Studio, Church, Plate
  • True Bypass
  • Mini Size Saves Pedalboard Space 
  • Solid Metal Casing
  • Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9V Adapter
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