Morley Morley M2 Mini Passive Volume Pedal

Article number: MOR-M2MV
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Simple, functional, and passive, the Morley M2 Mini Passive Volume Pedal is your compact solution to the challenge of hands-free volume control. If your pedalboard is reaching capacity, you need this diminutive smooth-taper pedal. Its passive design means no batteries and no external power supply are required; just plug in and play. The Morley M2 Mini Passive Volume Pedal is built tour-tough with a cold-rolled steel housing, and the pedal's footboard features no-slip grip tape for confident performance.

  • Pedalboard-friendly volume pedal; has a small footprint and needs no power
  • Smooth audio taper volume pedal lets you create cool fades and swells
  • Traditional potentiometer design can handle signals from guitar, bass, keyboards, and more
  • Cold rolled steel housing holds up to serious wear and tear
  • No-slip grip tape on the pedal footboard for confident performance
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