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Victoria offers a pick up and return service to Mona Vale Music please call her to book your instrument in before bringing into the store
Phone: 0410 441 899

Victoria Rika-Heke started playing the flute at the age of 10 and learnt from performer Paul Curtis during her years in Singleton. Once finishing high school she attended The Australian Institute Of Music in Sydney, under the tutelage of Danielle Eden and achieved a Advanced Diploma in Flute Performance.

After dabbling in instrument repairs for a few years when she first moved to the Northern Beaches, Victoria finished her diploma and got a full time job at Flute Fidelity (now Flutes & Flutists) and Musicorp / Billy Hydes. Through them she was trained by Australasia's best flute technician Angus McEwan (Flutes & Flutists) and spent time learning and perfecting the craft of clarinet and saxophone repairs from Andy Berrington and his team at Blow Woodwind & Brass in Queensland. She later learnt brass repairs and now handles anything from a piccolo to a tuba! Victoria repairs everything brass and woodwind, student and professional.

Services & Repairs

Instruments are generally best serviced every 18 months -2 years from the purchase date or the last service. If you are playing your instrument everyday or are a semi / professional performer it may be more frequent like once a year.

Most services take between 4-8 workings days. School holidays can sometimes be longer as we get inundated. To avoid being left out during these times best to book your instrument in 2 weeks before school holidays.

PLEASE NOTE!! During the January school holidays the work shop can take only limited private repairs due to a large amount of schools getting their instruments serviced. To avoid this book your instrument in during December or late January/early February.

Express servicing can be done if you are in dire need of repair but can incur an extra cost due to the urgency. If you have an exam coming up it is best to get your instrument serviced at least 2 months before the exam and not a week before! You will need your instrument more and more the closer you get to your exam and you don't want to have to be without it for a couple of days, especially when you need to be practicing.

All services come with a 3 month warranty, we guarantee our work!

Service and repair prices are determined on a job-by-job basis. Please contact us for further information.


Flutes, piccolos, oboes, all clarinets, all saxophones Services includes - hand cleaning and polishing of keys, body and mouthpiece, replacing necessary pads (max of 5), corks and felts, adjusting pads and mechanism, regulating mechanism, oiling mechanism and/or wooden bodies, removing dents from body or bell, body alignment, tenon/mouthpiece cork replacement, play test and more. Complete overhaul will include - removal of all old pads, felts and corks (including tenon/mouthpiece corks) to be replaced brand new, swedge mechanism, reface tone holes, adjusting mechanism, regulating mechanism, oiling mechanism and/or wooden bodies, removing dents from body or bell, body alignment, play test and more.


Trumpets, cornets, French horns, mellaphones, trombones, euphoniums, tubas Service includes removing all parts from body, hand clean of body, valves and slides, minor dents removal, removing dents from the bell area, straightening bent bell, fixing damaged slides, acid bath, cleaning with alcohol, grease slides, oil valves, replacing necessary water key corks or springs and test play. Extras include minor and major soldering of broken parts, replacing missing or broken parts like stopper screws, finger ring or finger ring screw etc.