Brass & Wind Repair Service

MVM proudly supports the work of Mike Jacobsen at


Pick ups and drop off happen at our Mona Vale store every Tuesday.

Instrument repair is a craft that combines technical expertise, passion and musical knowledge. I specialise in brass and woodwind repair on a range of top brands such as Selmer, Buffet, Yamaha, Jupiter, Bach and many more.
"My experience spans many years, beginning in 1992 with a full apprenticeship in Brass and Woodwind Repair. Over the years I have worked with leading professional musicians from NZ, China and Japan as well as Australia. I am a member of NAPBIRT and am continuously training with industry peers and manufacturers. In addition to this I have recently returned from an invitation to study with senior technicians at Yamaha’s Toyooka Factory in Hamamatsu, Japan."

Brass & Woodwind Repairs

We work on a full range of brass and woodwind instruments – flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, french horns and many more. 

We use only top quality parts.

Annual Instrument Servicing

Grey Door Music recommends all instruments are serviced once a year to keep them in top playing condition. Most Instruments are well catered for by a 'Standard Service' once a year.

This involves the instrument being stripped and cleaned before any work begins, then typically the body and keys are accessed with a focus on key action, balance, pads and cork condition. The service includes as necessary:

For all Woodwind instruments

  • Regulate keywork, remove double action 
  • Replacement of corks and felts where necessary
  • Tone holes are levelled where necessary
  • All rods and screws are oiled
  • Straighten bent rods and key shafts
  • Minor soldering if necessary
  • Replace springs -  (charged per part)
  • Replace up to 7 pads  - (charged per part)


  • Gooseneck replaced where necessary 
  • Body to bell alignment 


  • Head cork replaced if necessary 
  • Pads shimmed & seated 


  • Replace body and mouth piece tenons as necessary 
  • Minor chipped tones holes filled and levelled  

    For all Brass Instruments

    • Clean body, slides and all parts
    • Valves lapped
    • Valves, rotors and slides oiled/greased
    • Free stuck rotors/valves
    • Straighten bent valves where possible
    • Swedge rotor bearing plate where necessary
    • Rotors & rotor casings chemically cleaned 
    • Restring rotors 
    • Stuck slides freed – unless dismantling of slide section is required then quote will be given.
    • Replace felts if necessary  (charged per part)
    • Replace springs if necessary (charged per part)
    • Replace waterkey cork as necessary (charged per part)
    • Minor dent work as discussed
    • Minor soldering as discussed
    • Free stuck mouthpiece – no charge


    • Realign inner and outer hand slides

    Emergency Services


    Grey Door Music does provide an emergency repair service. Please be aware any emergency repair may incur a surcharge for out of hours work. Generally speaking an emergency service is only for small quick fixes and not for major repair work. While we encourage you to contact us, please be aware there is no guarantee we can accomodate your request within your emergency's timeframe.