Helpful Tips

Caring For Your Instrument

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Wipe the strings and Instrument with a soft cloth after each time you play. This helps in removing any sweat residue from strings which will speed up corrosion.
Change your strings regularly
On average strings should be replaced every 1-3 months, players that perform would normally put a fresh set on before every performance. NOTE: If changing gauge of string a neck adjustment will most likely be required, talk to us for advice.
If your instrument is an Electric or Acoustic/Eclectric check that the input jack nut is tightened regularly.
Invest in a Hard Case.
This will help protect your instrument from dings but will also help prevent the need for uneccessary adjustments and servicing. At the very least a gig bag will also provide decent protection in lighter transport situations. NOTE: If flying overseas with your instrument a hard case is a must! Talk to us for the best option.
Unsure? Call us, we are always here to help
We stock a wide variety of strings and are always on hand to help you choose the most suitable string for your instrument and playing style.
Fingerboard Oils, String Lubricant, Polishing Cloths, Finger Ease, Guitar Polish are always in stock here at MVM
Protection and more
Hard Cases, Gig Bags, Tuners, Ampilifiers, Instruction Books, Effects, Straps, Leads, Parts Etc.