2.5" Artist Black/Blue

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The DSL Brett Garsed Signature Strap is specially designed for legendary Australian guitarist Brett Garsed.

Known for his slide work, Brett's custom strap has a special leather slide pocket on the front of the strap for quick access. Each strap is also embossed with Brett Garsed’s signature and supplied with his signature blue stitching and backing.

The Brett Garsed Signature Strap is handmade in Australia from hand-sourced highest quality leather. The top of each strap is made from tough but supple medium weight leather, while the backing is top-quality suede for strap and shoulder position stability. Special density 15mm foam is inserted between the top and backing in the “sweet spot” from the back shoulder-blade to the front shoulder, absorbing instrument weight and providing suspension for extended player comfort.

A classic tough interweave tail (also double stitched) is fitted for adjusting strap length. Supplied with DSL leather pick-pouch key ring. 2.5 inches width standard.