Plastic Trombone (Blue)

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Fun & Lightweight! Plastic Trombones that play and sound just like a real brass trombone!

The precision made TROMBA is a result of extensive research into ABS properties and sound reproduction effects. Stand, Carry Bag, and maintenance kit included.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a toy, it is certainly not. Its a fully playable instrument with added fun factor built in.

The instrument is ultrasonically welded ensuring total reliability & robust durability.

Each TROMBA is tested beyond its limits thus giving you total peace of mind.

In fact this trombone can withstand more harsh handling than any brass trombone could; making it ideal for marching bands, rough roadies, outside performances and young (sometimes) over enthusiastic learners.

Why Tromba?

Why Tromba?

Not all plastic trombones are the same.

Best tone: Tromba trombones have a unique specification, which produces the best tone of any other plastic trombone on the market.

Best out-of-the-box playability: We polish the slide tubes so your slide runs smoothly right from the start.

Best for small hands: Tromba trombones have a child-friendly grip – thinner ergonomic grips for better control and comfort.

Best value for money: For a limited time, each Tromba comes with a free trombone stand and cleaning kit.


Tromba for Learners

  • Low cost way to own your own trombone, right from the start.
  • Easy to learn – great tone reproduction, balance and smooth slide operation.
  • Exclusive Tromba grip design – small hands can easily hold the instrument in the correct position.
  • Light and easy to manage – arms don’t get so tired, so it’s easier to concentrate on learning.
  • Simple to clean and maintain – all parts easily washable and more hygienic for multiple player or loan use.
  • Trombas bright colours and unique features make learning fun and hold child’s concentration span longer.

Tromba for Accomplished Players

  • High quality tone and sound reproduction, praised by professionals.
  • Fun to play – great alternative to your main or practice instrument.
  • Durable – no worrying that knocks and dents could affect the tone.
  • Great for gigs and travelling performers. No need to worry about over enthusiastic baggage handlers or roadies.
  • Precision-made – very responsive to play, with no loss of clarity at the top or when played loudly.
  • Lube free polished slide for low maintenance and smooth transitions.
  • Great choice of colours and finishes - match your trombone to the mood of the gig or your particular playing style.