Animals Pedal MKII I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion

Article number: AP-WFD2
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The Animals Pedal I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion is a classic distortion pedal for all rock guitarists, creating the immortal feel and sound of a British 4X12 stack. The Drive control can be set low for a light crunch. Adjust clockwise for creamy overdrive, and farther for crisp, classic, driving distortion. The level of drive is also sensitive to the guitar's volume knob, giving the player even more control over their tone. Redesigned for 2021, the new I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion features an expanded range of timbres, tweaked to create the best sound with even more amps and guitars. The footswitch has been moved forward to improve playability, and battery access is easier than ever before.
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